A high solids two-component aliphatic Polyurea Coating exhibiting excellent gloss retention, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance and impact resistance.

Typical Uses: Exterior structural finishes, maintenance coating for pipes, tanks and containers. It may also be used for painting of construction equipment and general transportation vehicles (OEM and refinish). Has excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates including concrete and steel. It has rapid hardness development with excellent color and gloss retention which makes it ideal for decorative surface finishes. It can also be used in facilities requiring sanitary floor and wall surfaces including washroom areas, clean room environments and institutional facilities.

Positives: It is a eco-friendly with low VOC content. It can be applied at lower temperatures down to 0 degrees F. Low VOC Excellent UV/Salt Spray resistance (4000 hrs. QUV, 2000 hrs. salt spray) Available in cost and time saving DTM versions that can be applied direct-to-metal without using any primer.




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