Silicone Alkyd – Silicone Alkyd Enamels are single component coatings used for atmospheric protection only, but offer superior gloss and color retention.

Modified Silicone – Silicone Modified alkyd coatings offer resistance to weathering and corrosion protection in paints for exterior surfaces such as tanks, pipes, bridges and metal buildings, and other structures. It provides slight improvement to heat resistance when compared to unmodified alkyd coatings.

Silicone (Extreme Heat) – Silicones are essentially transparent and therefore resist degradation by ultraviolet radiation from sunlight. Pure silicone paints are used on stacks, boilers and other exterior steel surfaces at temperatures ranging from 400-1200*F. Modified silicone paints have much lower resistance to elevated temperatures than pure silicone and can withstand temperatures to 500*F.

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