Alkyd coatings provide excellent corrosion protection and weathering resistance in mild industrial atmospheres and can also withstand limited exposure to vapors, splash and spillage of many chemicals. Alkyd coatings maintain good adhesion, toughness and flexibility on steel at temperatures as high as 225⁰F, but will discolor at elevated temperatures. Good atmospheric corrosion protection coupled with low per gallon cost and ease of application make alkyd paints ideal for use on machinery, structural steel and tank exteriors. Alkyds are not suitable for use in severe marine atmospheric exposures or for use as tank linings.

Product Description: Alkyd are single component synthetic ester based resin coatings that are primarily utilized as a general purpose coating utilized in mild chemical atmospheres. Alkyds have good durability and good adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces. They have fair chemical resistance, but should not be exposed to strong solvents, acids, or alkalies.

Primary uses: Exterior structural finishes, transportation, construction equipment, pipes, vessels and tanks where superior performance and weather protection is required.

Industrial: protective coating for most steel, casting and aluminum surfaces supporting finish rating of ISO12944 – 5.

Available in both Conventional and High Solids (AIM Compliant)

Benefits: Single component, rust inhibitors, easy application, Low VOC (high solids), Good color retention. Can be activated with isocyanate hardener to give it faster dry and improved overall properties.

Drawbacks: Not for use in aggressive chemical or salt atmospheres, slower drying.

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