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EPOXIES   Wilko's  line  of  epoxy coatings is called  "Wilkopon",  and  is available  in  conventional or high solids, and in a variety of colors. "Gator-Kure" is Wilko's epoxy that will cure in damp environments,  even underwater!  Our self leveling epoxy is one of the finest in the industry for floor coating applications.  Coatings that will cure at temperatures as low as zero F are available, as well as epoxies that can withsand temperautes of up to 450F with excellent acid resistance.


URETHANES   Wilko offers both conventional (Wilkothane "G") and high solids (Wilkothane HS) urethanes. Wilkothane "G"  is used by OEM fabricators and  refinishers, while Wilkothane HS is an AIM compliant coating used in both OEM and maintenance applications. Both products provide excellent chemical resistance, along with color and gloss retention.  We also supply oil based polyurethanes  used in track and gym floors.  Our water based polyurethane dispersion has excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates while possessing  good chemical resistance. Specialty 2-component urethanes are also offered. DTM High-solids polyurethanes that has excellent impact resistance at temperatures as low as -50F is in our line.


ALKYDS     Wilko manufactures an extensive line of high quality alkyd enamels, as well as primers.  Wilko's "Acralac" line is an  acrylic modified alkyd that provides a fast dry coating for early handling.  We also manufacture specialty finishes like hammertone, textured finish, skid resistant finish, etc. that is formulated to your needs.


NISO (Non-Isocyanates)   "Wilkofast" is the name of our two part, fast dry non-isocyanate coating.  "Wilkodure" is  a polyester based non-isocyanate coating that provides excellent toughness and porcelain-like finish.


LACQUERS    We have a line of fast dry  lacquers based on nitrocellulose, acrylic and vinyl binders.


WATER BORNES   We have a line of water based coatings used in the industry,   including  water based polyurethane (PUD), and 2K polyurethane

  SPECIALTY PRODUCTS  Wilko can custom formulate any coating system to meet your specification    


Other Products -

Please contact Wilko Paint for any products that are not listed

  • Chromate Free Vinyl Wash Primers

  • Low VOC / Low HAPS

  • Silicone / Modified Silicone

  • High Heat

  • Zinc Rich

  • Metallic

  • Hammertone

  • BLM Colors  and other specialty colors (FSC, RAL, custom color, etc.)

  • Epoxy Novolac - excellent chemical resistance and temperature applications up to 450F

  • Baking Enamels

  • Extreme Temperature Coating Applications down to -70F

  • Polyurea excellent chemical resistance, toughness and low temperature cure

  • Polysiloxane

  • Phenalkamine for low temperature cure down to 0F


  • Potable Water Tanks

  • Waste Water Treatment

  • Storage Tanks (hydrocarbons, acids, chemicals, caustics)

  • Rail Cars and Tanker Trailers

  • Barges and Tankers

  • Pipelines (oil, gas, petrochemical, potable water, waste water, sewage)

  • Pressure Vessels

  • Power Plants (ducts, scrubbers, stacks, buildings, floors, equipment)

  • Refineries / Petrochemical Plants

  • Original Equipment Manufacturers

  • Transportation, OEM and refinish

  • Other decorative and protective applications

 Color Cards*

* About color cards - due to differences in digital imaging. the color displayed is not a representative of the actual color.   More color cards can be found on the Downloads page.

Wilko Paint is a participant in Sustainability Initiative. Our in-house recycling saves valuable natural resources, and by providing high-performance quality coatings to protect the substrates from corrosion, the useful life of products are extended, thus minimizing the use of additional natural resources  to replace it.  For more information on Sustainability, please visit the following web sites:

American Coatings Association www.paint.org/sustainability

US EPA Home Page:  http://www.epa.gov/sustainability/basicinfo.htm




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